Repair and sale of scooters

The most booming transport. Cities are beginning to be literally overrun. The mobility that a scooter provides is not provided by any other vehicle. In our store we sell these devices, and as a support we give service to our customers. Punctures, brakes, electrical controllers are some of the most common repairs.

We specialize in Xiaomi. Other brands we do not work with due to the difficulty of finding spare parts and their quality. If you are looking to repair a scooter that is not from our partner Xiaomi we are sorry but we can not service it.

Close up of a hispanic mechanic male holding a wheel rim of an electric scotter for repair

Repair times vary depending on the fault. 24-48 hours for wheels. For all other circumstances it is variable from 2 to 7 days. The warranty we give is 6 months. .


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