We sell Semi-new

– We are a fantastic option for buying and selling pre-owned and refurbished equipment.

– We have cell phones, laptops, PCs, tablets, monitors, projectors, smartwatches, game consoles, video games and more.

– All devices are thoroughly checked by our professional team of technicians, ensuring the quality of what you receive. We offer long term GUARANTEES.
The best value for money is our goal.

We buy Semi-new

– If you wish to sell a device, we can buy it and pay you cash on the spot.

– Our qualified technicians perform a quick and effective appraisal and overhaul of the device.

– In addition, we pay you more money if it is to take a product from our store.

– and in stock. You set the price you want, but the payment is made once your device is sold. You will always have a specialized salesperson to offer your product to our customers, we will take professional photos and videos to offer it and manage it on our own and third party digital platforms for greater dissemination and accelerate the sales process.



You can sell it even if it is new, if you have already used it for a long time, and even if it is broken, we also buy it.


How do we PAY?

– Cash

– In exchange for the purchase of another product in the store

– In deposit, here you set the price (to be paid once sold).


what do i need to sell you something?

– Be over 18 years of age

– Have a valid photo ID

To buy pre-owned

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